TechEd Brazil 2011, how it was?

Foto0039                                   Foto0036

Figure 1 – TechEd Brazil                                   Figure 2 – Microsoft booth at TechEd Brazil

Well, in my last post I said that TechEd Brazil conference was my next stop. I can tell you guys it was a really great, well organized event. I had the opportunity to meat some friends face-to-face and make new ones!

As I wrote before, it was hard to choose between so many (interests) sessions. My focus was for virtualization, a trend on these last years, especially about the exciting new Hyper-V version that will come on Windows Server 8. The other sessions were about storage and, of course, security, more specifically a 400 session about Deep Dive TMG Troubleshooting and Cloud Security, in this one I could notice some points to think when planning a migration to the Cloud.

As I mentioned on the last post, Yuri Diogenes record an interview with a Microsoft PFE (Marcelo Tozin), Rodrigo Immaginario (Enterprise Security MVP) and myself Smile

You can watch the video with some great points about different subjects on security. I hope you all like it! Check it at From End to Edge and Beyond web site episode 9.

From End to Edge and Beyond Ep. 9

Figure 3 – Recording interview for From End to Edge and Beyond

Stay tuned for more, Yuri and Tom are promising good things on episode 10. Smile

Last, but not least, I had a really great time meeting new MVPs at MVP Open Day that happened a day before TechEd Brazil, September 28th. Also, had a great time with my folks from work that attended to TechEd Brazil.

MVPs no topo!                     MVPBR_TechEdBR

Figure 4 – MVPs on the Top!                              Figure 5 – MVPs at TechEd Brazil



Paulo Oliveira.

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  1. Eder (nhenhen) says:

    parabéns paulo

    eder gomes

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