TechEd Brazil, here I come!


next week, more precisely September 29, I will be on the greatest Microsoft event of Latin America: TechEd Brazil. For those not aware what TechEd is I can tell that it is the one of the most important event for Microsoft professionals. This year specifically, 198 lectures and quick sessions will be delivered!

There are so many topics for so few days Sad smile You can imagine how hard is to select a lecture! The attendees can choose only up to 11 lectures.  In my case, the first selection that I made was for 24 lectures, however I was already filtering a lot!

I can say now, 8 days before the event, I haven´t closed my schedule yet!

I have received an invitation from the great Yuri Diogenes, I certainly sure most of you know him, he´s one of the master of ISA Server and Forefront TMG 2010. He is working now on Microsoft Security Team as Senior Technical Writer. The invitation is to participate on one episode from Security Talk show From End to Edge and Beyond, presented by Tom Shinder, I´m also pretty sure you know Tom, and Yuri Diogenes.

I am really honored and grateful to join them. Unfortunally, Tom Shinder won´t be on TechEd Brazil, so Yuri will record my interview at TechEd. Thanks guys for invitation!

Stay tuned on From End to Edge and Beyond and make sure to not miss an episode!

Oh! For those who wants to come to TechEd Brazil you still have time! Check out at the website (Portuguese and Spanish).



Paulo Oliveira.

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2 Responses to TechEd Brazil, here I come!

  1. Márcio Alves says:

    Boa noite

    Li sua ajuda quanto ao tópico Rede com dois Gateway no TechNet no entanto tentei as duas alternativas e ambas sem sucesso. Gostaria se possível add msn: e poder tirar algumas dúvidas. Grato da atenção.

  2. Eder (nhenhen) says:

    muito bom paulo

    ass: eder

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