Somethings are really funny…

did not planned to post again today, but I was reading some news on the internet when I faced the news about a newly discovered Java vulnerablity. Until now, nothing exceptional. 🙂
OK, the guy who wrote the article talks about the update released by Sun/Oracle and claims they are irresponsible, because did not gave enough credit to the security researcher who found out the vulnerability, according to them it was not a critical issue.
So, yesterday (I guess), they released an update that address the issue, however did not made any mention in the update´s release notes.
Now comes the funny part. At the last "section" of his post, he tells his experience when installing Java update. Using his words:
"Speaking of irresponsible, here’s what I saw when I applied the new Java update this morning.  Yes, checked by default.  Sigh."
Now you ask me, what did he see? Some bug? Some new feature? Some… (I don´t know what to say anymore, maybe I come out with something later 😛 )?
No, he saw the following screen:
OK, what´s the big deal about it?? Oh, yes! The option to install Bing Toolbar is checked, by default!!
I lost count how many times I saw this very same checkbox (on other softwares, don´t remeber for Java specifically) for Google´s Toolbar option, also checked by default!!
I hate these options to install Toolbar on my Internet Explorer browser. It doesn´t matter if it is Bing´s or Google´s Toolbar. What I want to say here is that when Google´s Toolbar was THE option, no one complained about it! What strange fact, hein!?
Paulo Oliveira.
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