I´m back!! New articles coming soon

Hi Folks!
After a loooong period of inactivity, I´m back! TMG 2010 has introduced some great new features that ISA community had been asked for years. Soon, I will release a series of articles telling how to accomplish some of those using ISA and others 3rd-party free softwares. Smile
Some of those include Outbound HTTPS inspection and URL Filtering.
Stay tuned!
Paulo Oliveira.
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One Response to I´m back!! New articles coming soon

  1. Kashif Noor says:


    I have Installed ISA server standard Edition on Windows 2003 server R2 Enterprise Edition.
    I have Only One LAN Card and i want to use Single Network Adapter network. I will give permission the internet to other clients in future. But first, i want to use internet on my local computer.
    When i installed ISA server 2006 on my computer the internet is not working and page does not display the information regarding the website which i gave the URL. My PC is pinging wel(Internal networks and External Networks).
    I have not configured my server as an Active Directory yet.
    Do i have to configured AD on my server?
    Please help.
    Kashif Noor

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