TMG Network Inspection System (NIS) in Action!

if you reading my blog lately or news about new Microsoft firewall software (Threat Management Gateway), you know that TMG will bring new defenses mechanisms to help improve security on your network.
To say some: Web Filtering, outbound HTTPS inspection, e-mail security, enhanced NAT, NIS, etc. For a comprehensive list of TMG features click here.
Recently Microsoft released a 0-day security advisory refering to SMB2 protocol, that affects some versions of Windows Vista ,Windows 2008 and Windows 7.
OK, what does it has to do with new TMG features? Everything!! TMG comes with Network Inspection System (NIS) out-of-box. So, TMG team quickly updated NIS signature to detect this new vulnerability and block any attempt to compromise an affected system. Isn´t that great!?
If you want to know more about NIS, check these:
Paulo Oliveira.
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