Internet Explorer versus Firefox – Which one better protect you?


many discussions exists on the internet about the forever battle between Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Last week, surfing on the internet I found something very interesting about these browsers. Each manufactures web sites has a browser comparative.


Mozilla give us a little chart talking about why Mozilla Firefox is faster, safer, smarter and better than Internet Explorer. The comparison is related only to Internet Explorer, no other browser involved.

Also, you can notice this is ONLY their opinion´s, there is no evidence about these affirmations.

See for yourself:

In the other hand, Microsoft gives us a full comparison chart about 3 different web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.



And it gets better! Microsoft also provides you links for the features they claim to be better or not, against the competitors. Isn´t great!? Is this transparency or what!?

There´s no discussion when you present facts!!

For sure it´s worth to take a look at Microsoft comparison chart and the links it provides about Security, Accelerators and Performance.

You can also see for yourself:

It does not stop there! Microsoft continues the hard working to better protect your computer against Internet threats:


Read more about at Internet Explorer´s team blog:


Lesson learned today: Trust in facts, not only words!



Paulo Oliveira.

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