Should I install TMG FWC when migrate from ISA 2006 to TMG?

here I´m back again. This time I will talk about an ISA firewall client software. ISA firewall has three different kind of clients, SecureNAT (a.k.a. SecureNET), Web proxy and Firewall client (a.k.a FWC).
The basic difference among them is:
SecureNAT client: does not require any software installation; Easy to configure, just have to point client default gateway IP to ISA firewall internal IP; Does not support authentication; Can be configured on any OS that support TCP/IP.
Web proxy client: does not require any software installation, as the secureNAT client; Easy to configure, you have to configure ISA´s internal IP on web browser; Support authentication for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP (read-only) protocols. Can be configure on any browser that you can configure a web proxy server.
Firewall client (FWC): must install a software on client computer (only available for Microsoft OS); Require the effort of installing on each individual client machine; Support authentication for all winsock applications.
Detailed information about ISA clients you can find here.
You may be thinking, "why should I use FWC over SecureNAT or Web proxy if it´s the hardest one to set up?"
The simple anwser is this:

·         Strong user authentication for all Winsock applications using the TCP and UDP protocols

·         Enables user identification and application information to be logged in the ISA/TMG logs and reports

·         Supports per-user based policies and rules

·         Enables applications that require secondary network connections to access the Internet through the proxy

If you´re already running it and think about deploy new FWC when migrate to TMG, David B. Cross (Product Unit Manager) have great news for you!
Check out his blog post on ISA/TMG´s product team blog!
Paulo Oliveira.
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